Slip On Sneakers/ Black Marble

Black Marble leather/neoprene Slip On Sneakers have health aspects, an orthopedic pad, and features to support the correct positioning of the foot. Emphasis is placed on comfort, convenience and integration of the physiotherapy aspect.

Available from September 2020

Category: Shoes

Slip On Sneakers.


- Provided with comfortable softened leather insole with elements to support the transverse and longitudinal arch of the foot.

- Made of cow leather and 2 mm thick neoprene (There is an author sublimation print on the surface of the neoprene) 

-Toe, derby and heel part are cut out of grain cow leather.

- Holes on the derby part allows passage of elastic strap ended by buckle. Vamp part is supported by polyester strap which also appears in the heel part as a strap for easy putting on.